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Iguana Investments Ltd - Website Terms of Use

Iguana Investments Ltd (“Iguana”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") in the United Kingdom. The content of this document is for information only and is not intended to be independent investment research. It is not an invitation to buy or sell an investment and is not advice on investments, taxation or on any other matter. The investment services of Iguana Investments Ltd are only available to professional clients and eligible counterparties for the purposes of the FCA’s rules. They are not available to retail clients. This information is not intended to be used by or distributed to any person or entity in a jurisdiction or country where this would be contrary to local law or regulation. We believe the information in this document is based on reliable sources, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The opinions expressed represent our views at the time of publication and are subject to change. Iguana Investments Ltd will not be liable for any losses relating to the accuracy, completeness or use of information in this document, including any consequential loss. Past performance does not predict future results and the capital value of investments and the income generated can fluctuate. Where investments are exposed to currencies other than the base currency, they may be subject to foreign exchange rate fluctuations. The registered office of Iguana is Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. Copyright©2020, Iguana Investments Ltd. All rights reserved.

Client and Personal Data Usage Consent
Iguana Investments may collect, process, transfer, store and use: (i) personal data in relation to and provided by Users, such as name, job title, contact details and summary business information; (ii) information concerning User access to Client Systems (such as when and how the services are used and technical details of Users’ connections, including Users’ IP addresses).
Iguana Investments will use the Information for (a) the purposes of providing the Services and (b) monitoring usage and improving the usefulness of Client Systems to Users.
Information is kept on Microsoft 365 servers located in the UK, Europe and the US and within Zoho. Information is retained for a period of 5 years after the creation/receipt of such Information, unless otherwise required under applicable laws.

Client and User agree to the use of the Information for the purposes set out in Parts 1 and 2 below.
For information on how we use and disclose personal data and the protections applied and your data protection rights, please view our Privacy Policy.

1. Client Consent: Client agrees that Iguana Investments may share the Information within Iguana Investments and hereby waives any protection of Information as provided for by applicable banking secrecy and client confidentiality rules and regulations, including consent to provide relevant authorities or governmental bodies with access to Information based on applicable laws and regulations.

2. User Consent: User consents to the collection, processing, transfer and storage of the Information for the purposes, retention times and access rights outlined above.

By continuing to browse the website, you agree to the terms outlined above.
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